Broad River Basin

By: Griffin Crisp and Cameron Wilkerson


1,495 total miles of streams and rivers are included in the North Carolina part of the Broad River Basin.

342,282 people live in the North Carolina part of the Broad River Basin.

The most important cities and land forms near the Broad River Basin are Forest City, Rutherfordton, Spindale, Shelby, and Lake Lure.

Non Point Source Pollution

1) Storm water runoff- the runoff flows through drains from towns near the basin after it rains and it transported into the basin. The storm water carries fertilizers, pesticides, metallic chemicals, waste, and eroded soil into the basin.

2) Soil runoff- soils from the Piedmont are carried by runoff into the basin. The soil contains clay, sand, and high amounts of erosion that mixes with the water in the basin.

Point Source Pollution

1) Vacation homes- the waste from the humans that live near the basin mixes with the water and causes water quality concerns.

2) Construction- the oil and other waste products from construction cites near the basin can mix with runoff and end up polluting the water.


Non point source pollution solution- reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides near the basin.

Point source pollution solution- follow local Best Management Practices and try to control water runoff.

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