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Freshwater wetlands

Freshwater wetlands food chain

The fresh water food chain contains the most common river and river shore animals such as the consumer (crawfish) and the (producer) mollusk

How humans are affecting the environment in a positive way

The humans are trying to help the environment by making electric cars that don't cause pollution. We are also replacing coal and other high pollution forms of electricity with solar and wind power.
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How humans are affecting the environment in a negative way.

Some humans are just careless and throw their coke bottle out their car window. Little do they know that plastics are very harmful to the environment. If animals eat the plastics, it could affect the whole food chain. Some countries also still use coal to make electricity. Burning coal to make power puts a whole lot of pollution in the air. Breathing pollution can kill animals and affect the whole food chain.
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Plankton is beneficial for the fresh water and salt water food chain because they provide food for slightly larger organisms like small fish.
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The turtle

The turtles are useful to the food chain because they eat bugs and keep the bug population down.
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Crayfish help the food chain by eating the small fish and mollusk that dwell in wetlands.
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