By: Jake Walker 2nd Hour

Histroy of the Lutheran religion

When did the religion start?

The religion got started by a guy named Martin Luther in 1521

Where did the religion start?

Lutheranism started in Germany and quickly spread to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The religion eventually spread to other parts of the world.

Beliefs of Lutheranism.

  • Lutherans believe in only one god
  • They also believe in baptism
  • The Lutherans also believe in salvation for all
  • Another belief they have is having individual access for all


When and how do Lutherans worship?

Lutherans worship mainly on Sundays and they worship by going to church, praying, and speaking to god.

Where do they worship?

The Lutherans worship in Lutheran churches.

What is their holy book?

Their holy book is The Holy Bible.


How many followers worldwide?

The religion has about 64 million followers worldwide.

How many followers in the U.S.A?

There is only 9 million followers in the United States

Interesting facts.

The Lutheran religion is the oldest Protestant Tradition

The Lutheran church is one of the major Christian churches