January: Be a Collaborator

Activate Your Superpower!

Presented by: MMS Media & Tech Team

( Davis, Long, Stapleton, & Wilson)

MMS Superpower Highlight: 8th Grade Math PLC

The Math 8th grade PLC is a dynamic group that engages each other and in turn their students reap the benefits of their collaborative spirit. When asked what collaborating with this PLC means numerous examples were shared about the value of the PLC which further highlighted their collaborative personality. Mr. Foushee and Mrs. Fulton discussed collaboratively what it meant for veteran teachers to closely collaborate with new teachers even new to the content and provide the security and guidance for those teachers but maintaining an atmosphere where everyone can collaborate and share ideas. Mrs. Wall also expressed how the PLC keeps her on pace to cover the objectives and goals. They all agreed that by working and watching each other in the PLC they are better able to teach students how to handle collaborative groups and situations in the classroom. Activate Your Collaborative Superpower: Any 8th Grade Math teacher can guide you!

SuperPower Highlights

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