Shnazzy Records

by Jenée Creviston and Maddie Matteson

About us:

This is a shop for rock lovers. When you go to a store most likely the band cd you love won't be at the store. We have any type of alternative, punk, rock, hard rock, metal and other genres similar. We are just all about the music, if there is any band we don't have you can leave a suggestion for us to get some orders of the album. This all was developed recently, just starting out we won't have as many cd's as we hope to have in the future. We are planning to grow and expand the interest in rock.

The money for this is coming from my own savings mainly. I have always dreamed of having my own business and have used all my savings. Also some of the money came from friends and family who support it.

If you would like to be hired, all you have to do is come into the shop and talk to one of the workers there and they will have an application you can fill out. Not much is needed to work here but you will have to be trained on how things go on. Basically you just have to love the music to work there, but if you don't, why are you even walking into the store?

We get supplies from local businesses around and most cd's come from shipments online.

We have an advertisement on the radio also, it's on 92.7 WQLZ which is the rock station for Springfield, IL.

We have an accountant and we track orders, payments,customer information, and records for taxes on our own personal computer at the store.


Advantages of proprietorship are they are easy to start, they allow you control over all decisions, and you receive all the profits. Some disadvantages are that you are responsible for all financial debts and expenses.

Business goals

1. We strive to keep the customers happy with our service.





Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the joy of music to people of all ages who just love to rock. We strive to have a wide variety so everyone leaves satisfied.


Organizational chart