Scents Bring Back Old Times

By: Dillon Hughes


The most interesting thing about smell and memory is that they are linked together. The scent of something triggers memories and feelings about that object that smells or the environment you are in. Just like when you come home after you left for college and it smells like your mothers freshly baked cookies. This scent gives you memories of your childhood. This research will help me by bringing back memories and knowing how they come up.

What do smell and memory have in common?

Smell is triggered by the olfactory bulb which starts in your nose and runs to the bottom of your brain. The olfactory bulb connects to two parts of the brain that are strongly effected in motion and memory. So the olfactory bulb sends signals to someones brain and it gives us memories of that smell.

The brain.

The signals that get sent from the olfactory bulb are received by the amygdala and the hippocampus. There are no other theories about smell and memory.


Arshamian and his people had a theory that smell evoked more than memories. It triggers all feelings. Just like bad and good. They measured the amount of activity in brain when given certain scents.


Every person has a different scent, like a fingerprint. All people have different smells so it sparks different memories.