Football History

From the 50's to 2016 football is still the american dream's sport.many play this but don't you think your gonna need some facts well i got em.The first super bowl would be the first milestone of football.It was played by the Green Bay Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs.

It had thousands at the stadium and almost 1.1 million at home watching the big game.

but years back Rutgers and Princeton were the first to guys who invented football.They created the AFL aka the american football league transitioning into the NFL aka the national football league since then its been forming like in 1997 the nfl made its biggest game profit making 3 million dollars for thousands to watch the packers and the raiders in super bowl two

.Or in 1980 when the nfl made tv history by breaking a tv record by having 127.1 million people watch super bowl XIV in pasadena.Or like in 1940 were there were only six AFL teams.In the nfl they created divisions before teams so it would be easier.The first game was played in the AFL by a team called the chicago bullies