Wildcat News 1/04

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

Over the last 2 weeks I had the opportunity to talk with 2 parents about their children and my smile could not be big enough. These parents talked about how much they appreciated our staff here at WSE and how our teachers made their children feel important and cared for. They gave specific examples of what the teachers had said or had done that showed how we take care of students' needs 1st. It is such an honor to be the Principal of a school where students get what they need (food, clothes, hugs, notes of encouragement, on-going communication with parents, emotions validated and so much more) that we know makes a difference with student learning. Thank you to your hard work and focus on what is most important in the world of education-our students!

As we start the new year here are just a few questions to ask yourself/your students- What are your personal and professional goals? What things do you want to learn about, try and accomplish? What are you grateful for? If you state them out-loud, you are more likely to accomplish your goals...

Professional Goal-Use "Leaders of Learning" as we move forward in PLC at the District/Campus Level, Become a PLC Site-Campus for the All things PLC, and research Betsy Fulwilder (Writing in Science).

Personal Goal-Learn how to use my new sewing machine, Get healthier

I'm grateful for my family, my work life and I'm learning to meditate.

Be thinking of your answers...

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