Second Grade News You Can Use

September 21-25, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

I want to brag a bit about your children. Last week was the time I saw them change from first graders to second graders. I always forget each new school year about the transition time. I am reminded those first few weeks of school as we are establishing routines and as we learning each others' ways. Last week, we accomplished learning more content because we are not spending as much time with ordinary tasks like turning to the right page in the right book at the right time. I am excited about how quickly we are learning now that we have found our groove. I also want to say that I love the way this class treats each other. For the most part, they are kind, courteous and caring. We may have a bad day or a bad moment, but even then I see the students who are at odds apologizing, forgiving, and moving forward. Oh, what we can learn from the little ones. It reminds me of Matthew 18: 3-4.

A Special request: I am going to Haiti to serve the teachers there during Fall Break. If you can, begin praying for a safe and successful trip for my team and me. I have been before and know what to expect. However, this time I will have more of a leadership role which will be an added stress.


September 24: Picture Retakes

September 25-26: Consignment Sale in Gibson gym

October 5-9: Fall Break

October 16: Elementary Night at the football game and our concession stand night.


Memory Verse is Matthew 5:44

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

We will learn that it is important to resolve conflict God's way instead of Man's way.


Double Consonants and ck

New List: dress, spell, class, full, add, neck, stuck, kick, rock, black, trick, doll

Challenge Words: across, pocket


New Stories: The Ugly Vegetables (realistic fiction) and They Really Are Giant! (informational text)

Essential Question: What can you learn from planting a garden?

High Frequency Words: (flash cards if needed) air, car, cried, funny, he, pictures, pretty, told, try, window

New Vocabulary Words: (usage) blooming, shovels, scent, tough, wrinkled, plain, muscles, nodded

Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Comprehension Skills: Conclusions and Story Structure (review)

Writing: Informational Writing

AR: We should be getting close to reaching those goals for the first nine weeks. Please encourage your young readers!


Hands-On: Model 3-Digit Number

Learning Objectives:

  • Use concrete and pictorial models to represent 3-digit numbers.
  • Apply place value concepts to write 3-digit numbers that are represented by pictorial models
  • Use place value to describe the values of digits in numbers to 1,000.
We will be covering lessons 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 this week.

Social Studies and Science

We are continuing to work on United States Symbols in S.S. Our Science will be integrated into reading this week with our story's theme being agriculture.

Spirit Week 2015

Dates will be Monday, October 12th through Friday, October 16. I am just letting you know in case you want to be prepared for the week after Fall Break. This is also Book Fair Week beginning on Tuesday the 13th.

Monday - Pajama Day
Tuesday - Camo Day
Wednesday - Favorite Sports Teams
Thursday - Super Hero Day
Friday - Orange and Blue Spirit Day