a lot about bantams


chickens are not just a bird brain animal. they have a amazing past! did you know that the

silkie came back home with Marco Polo. did you know that the welsummer chicken is on the

famous corn flake boxes.did you know that chickens were here since egyptian times if you didn't think i was right .......well i am

what do i need to take care of my chickens?

first you will need food when chicks i prefer a starter kit with a scoop and a bag of food.

if adult you should get chicken feed or cracked corn or some organic food .

then you should get a heat lamp for winter and when chicks to keep warm when cold.

in summer i would prefer a powder that keeps your chicks hydrated in summer.

you will need a coop with extra room for moving around.( only use a light when cold.)

for saftey put chicken wire around the coop and on top of the fence so they can't get out and predators can't get in.