Give Back Day


I think we should make a day where we donate and give back to our community to help people in need.

Help Fact....

Every 45 seconds a little kid dies in a hospital or care center because of a diseases, cancer, etc.

What donation can do.

  • When you donate you become a better and more helpful person in your lifetime.
  • By donating you not only help your self but you become a hero to the person you helped you saved that persons life.
  • You made a person in need have a happy long lifetime.

What you can you donate?

  1. Some Charity's let you donate food for people that either lost it or can't afford food.
  2. Also Charity's send out letters to everyone all around the world to inform them that the clothes they no longer need to be donated and call a certain number.
  3. They also have a hair charity for people who have cancer or etc.
  4. Or you can just help to stop animal abuse or child abuse and donate money to help stop it.
This holiday will help people get closer together as a community you can change someones life by donation and be a hero to them who every you save they will always think of you as a hero in there lifetime.
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Any donation can help a family with their troubles if it's Diseases life threatening effects, or cancer donation can change the world.
The Childhood Cancer Ripple Effect

Help Save Together

Donating can help anybody that needs help.Why take action? because you can help people all around the world.I think we should make a holiday of Donation.Take Action Donate. When you do you are a lifesaver to the person or animal who you helped. Be a hero you can make the world a happier & healthier place. PLEASE TAKE ACTION HELP SAVE TOGETHER.