Why wetlands are important????

They really help the environment!!!!!!

Wetlands are more than a place full of mud and water. They supply life for living birds, alligators, and amphibians such as a frog. A wetland is an area covered in water. Wetlands include marshes, swamps, fens, and bogs. A swamp is a wetland that is covered by trees and wet all year long. A bog is a wetland that is mostly made from rain water. The ground is acidic and full of peat. A marsh is a wetland that is almost always full of water and great for plant vegetation. Fens are different than the others. Fens are made up of ground water so they are not as acidic as bogs. Man kind is taking over wetlands to make buildings and houses. Wetlands actually help the environment. when it rains constant the wetlands absorb the water and prevents flooding. they are home to many plants and animals. Also they filter and clean water which is like a kidney for most ecosystems.
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