Reflections of a 12 Year Old Writer

By: Connor Flournoy

Im a writer who...

I enjoy writing especially when it is something that I know a lot about. I can be confident most of the time when I write. But sometimes I don't check over my work and make careless mistakes. I think my strength in my writing is that I write funny stories that make people laugh. I also like to share my work with my peers.

A memorable experience

A very memorable experience is when I went down the ski slope, Golden Eagle, in Colorado. Golden Eagle is a very hard ski slope compared to most ski slopes in Colorado. I think it is so memorable for me because I fell so many times. But don't fret, the next time I skied down Golden Eagle, I didn't fall once!

Sixth grade Writting Goals

This year I want to achieve 3 goals:
  • Write neater
  • Another is to use better adjectives
  • Lastly is to make less careless mistakes

About Me

I am a sixth grader at Trinity School and I have been there since the threes. There are four people in my family, my Mom, my Dad, my brother Thomas and myself. Five if you count our dog Molly.