Assistant Catering Manager

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What is Assistant CAtering Manager responsibilities

This job help general manager and executive chefs in the supervising the daily operations of a catering business. There responsibilities is managing a staff of food prepares, cook, and servers and other banquet employees is often the assistant manager.planning menus advertising vacancies and recruiting staff making sure that staff are fully trained keeping staff motivated to provide the highest standard of service organising shifts and rotas managing stock control financial planning and managing budgets meeting with suppliers and customers discussing contract requirements with customers monitoring the quality of the service to customers running the business in line with health and safety, food hygiene, and nutritional regulations

Skills and Personnal characteristics necessary to do this job.

To be a catering manager, you will need: excellent communication skills the ability to motivate and manage staff strong customer service skills the ability to keep calm under pressure the confidence to use your initiative the ability to work in a team the ability to work accurately with figures and manage a budget a well organised and methodical approach strong IT skills the ability to manage the health, hygiene, safety and security of the workplace.

Training and Education required.

Experience working in the food service industry is an important factor in obtaining one of the limited positions available in catering management. In addition, employers often prefer applicants who have completed formal training in food and beverage management. Certificate and associate's degree programs are offered by community colleges and technical schools that prepare students for entry-level supervisory positions in catering and hospitality. Courses typically include food service operations, food preparation, catering management and hospitality purchasing.

Salary range.

Salaries for catering managers will vary depending on where they work, and the type of organisation they are working for. Starting salaries for catering managers can be between £20,000 and £25,000 a year. With experience this could rise to £45,000 a year. Figures are intended as a guideline only.


  • In larger organizations, the work tends to be office based, although catering managers may be expected to spend some time working within busy restaurants and kitchens.
  • Catering managers may be responsible for the catering of one site only. Others may have overall responsibility for a number of sites (that have to be visited on a regular basis) with a number of assistant managers working under them.
  • Job opportunities are available throughout the UK.
  • The role is physically demanding and the pressures of providing a consistently good service can cause stress. Catering for events can be particularly stressful.
  • Travel within the working day can be a regular feature, but absence from home overnight or overseas work or travel is rare, unless working in an international role.
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