The United Kingdom

God Save The Queen


The United Kingdom, the island located of the coast of the Netherlands, joined the European Union in 1973, it surprisingly wasn't a founder of the European Union. The United Kingdom was never part of any other country, in fact it conquered other countries. The UK had a really prevelant influence in Europe.

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The Flag

The flag of the UK had many different phases starting from the English National Flag then the Scotish National Flag then the Union Jack and finally the flag they use today


The UK is twice the size of New York State. It is flat except for a few hills and valleys. Important rivers flowing into the North Sea are the Thames, Humber, Tees, and Tyne


The UK has a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.


• Britain has no written constitution.

• In 2013, six libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland began a project to archive every website that has a .uk suffix. The collected material, which could also include comments posted on Facebook and Twitter, is available both to researchers and to the general public.

Haggis, a Scottish national dish, is made from ground sheep entrails that are mixed with oats and spices, tied in a sheep's stomach, and cooked.

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