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Special Edition-School Reopening

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Hello Fronteras Families,

Thank you for your patience while we’ve worked through new protocols, requirements, schedules, questions, etc. Information continues to change daily. We will communicate updates as they become available. Please remember that this school year looks very different. The “usual” way of doing things is just not an option this year. There is no way around it. We’re going to do our best, but it’s going to look and feel different. Please understand that everything new is in place for everyone’s health and safety.

Below are the latest updates:

· Open House is virtual this year – the YouTube link is provided below!

· Art, Music, PE will be on a 3-week rotation. Schedules will be provided. Specials will use the outdoors as much as weather permits.

· Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, there will be NO in school volunteers at this time

· Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, parents may not walk their students in to school – students must enter on their own through their designated entry door (see entry door assignments below) – staff will be supervising and welcoming students at each entry and assisting in hallways

· There are no After School Clubs at this time EXCEPT Middle School Cross Country (coach Stamoolis will send information to interested athletes)

· Due to COVID-19 demand – K-5 elementary virtual learning will begin after August 28th. Teachers will keep all At Home families updated. At Home learners will participate in activities that In Person learners will be doing as they are part of that homeroom class.

· iPads will be checked out to At Home students and assigned to all In Person students prior to Aug. 28th

· If your child is having difficulty with the idea of having to wear a mask, help them by being calm and supportive, and then have fun with it! Encourage them to select masks that speaks to their personality. Remember, children feel our emotions. When we’re calm; they’re calm. When we're positive, they're positive.

· Middle school students will have staggered transitions between their three classrooms

· K and 1st classes will transfer between their two classrooms

· 2nd-5th grade teachers will move to each classroom – students will remain in their homeroom

· Students will eat lunch in their classroom. Each classroom has a microwave to heat food. Please limit amount of food needing a microwave.

**students eating lunch in Ms. Pierce's room this year will not have access to a microwave, pack only a cold lunch.

Entry Door Assignment:

K & 1 – Front door

2/3 & 3/4 – Green Hallway (playground side of building)

4/5 – Yellow Hallway (opposite playground side of building)

6/7/8 – Orange Hallway (back of building)

Previous Information:

· Fronteras Middle School holds classes five days a week

· Fronteras Middle School teachers will utilize APEX for all content areas with supplemental in-class materials, lectures, videos, projects, etc.

· Fronteras Kindergarten through 5th grade will utilize virtual learning platform with supplemental in-class supplies, lectures, videos, projects, etc.

· K-5 students will have lunch in classrooms

· K-5 students will have recess each day as weather allows; when indoor recess is required, students will remain in classrooms

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Mrs. Hutchins

"We come in different shapes and sizes. Each one of us unique. But when we get together, Fronteras is complete!"

Click on the link below for the Fronteras Open House YouTube Videos!

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2020-2021 Fronteras School Calendar!

Below is the current 2020-2021 Fronteras School Calendar that we will be following. The 2020-2021 Fronteras Calendar is also available on the website and has been posted to the Parent's Facebook page!
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Due to COVID-19 and until further notice there will be no:

  • Parents walking students into the school
  • After School Enrichment Clubs
  • Pizza Hut
  • Subway
  • Field Trips
  • Lost & Found
  • Parent Volunteers in school building
  • Elementary Cross Country


Fronteras does not have a lunch or breakfast program. Students will need to bring a packed lunch from home, as well as a snack every day to be eaten in their assigned classroom.

Lunch time reminders:

  • No Top Ramen or Cup of Noodles unless precooked and stored in a thermos. Top Ramen and Cup of Noodles takes too long to microwave causing safety issues and not allowing enough time for your child to eat their lunch
  • No lunch items requiring more than a minute to microwave
  • Students need to bring a labeled water bottle every day to school
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Middle School Cross Country

Coach Joel Stamoolis is excited to lead the Middle School Cross Country Running Team. The team is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Fronteras who have a desire to run in a positive environment.

Practices will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 to 3:45 PM. Practices will begin on Wednesday, August 19th on the field behind the school! Please click on the provided link below to register!

Middle School Cross Country

Click here to register for Middle School Cross Country


If you ordered a 2019-2020 Fronteras yearbook and have not received it, you might not have logged in and changed your mailing address. The yearbooks that were mailed to Mrs. Denny will be given to the student. If you forgot to order a yearbook, we have a limited amount that can be purchased through SchoolCash Online for $20.00, which will be delivered to your child.

School Dismissal Manager

What is School Dismissal Manager aka SDM? SDM utilizes web based technology (desktop or mobile), allowing parents to communicate to schools their child’s dismissal/bus plans for the day making it safer, easier, and quicker. No more notes or phone calls!

SDM sent families an email on Wednesday, August 14th with necessary information to access SDM. Parents/guardians of Fronteras students no longer need to call the front office to make changes to their child’s afternoon dismissal plans. You will do it all at your convenience!

Visit today to download the app or click on the provided link below!

School Dismissal Manager

Click here for a link to School Dismissal Manager.

SchoolCash Online

Not sure if your check or cash made it to the school to pay for that important item or activity? Who lost it? The school? you? your child? Funds weren't received, therefore, your child can't participate or receive?

Have no fear, SchoolCash Online is here! For safety, efficiency and the reduction of cash and checks coming into our schools, the MSBSD has implemented SchoolCash Online! It takes less than 5 minutes to register to start enjoying the convenience of paying online and fast! To set up a SchoolCash Online account, click on the link below!

SchoolCash Online

Click here for a link to SchoolCash Online!

Blackboard MyConnect

Don't miss those important messages! Blackboard MyConnect enables you to manage your contact information and subscriptions for ConnectEd messages! To set up or manage your Blackboard MyConnect account, click on the link below!
Blackboard MyConnect

Click here for a link to Blackboard MyConnect

At-Home Learning and iTech/Apex Resource

If you need additional resources for Mat-Su Virtual Learning (elementary) and Apex Learning (secondary), click on the link below!
At-Home Learning and iTech/Apex Resource

Click here for a link to the At-Home Learning website

Communication Is Key!

If you are not receiving communications such as Amigos messages or the bi-weekly Phoenix Flyer newsletter, please send Kami an email at and she''ll get you added! The newsletter is also posted on the Fronteras website and the Parents Page on Facebook. For active Facebook users there is a Parents Page that is kept up to date daily with current information. Please also check with your child's teacher about being connected with Class DoJo!
Facebook Parents Page

Click here to be added to the Facebook Parents Page.