Payton Richards

All About Me

How I am Gifted

I had eleven positives on my "what makes a tag student" test. I also got 7 negatives. I'm not sure how good that is or what it means really. I would add " Likes to be creative " to the list as a positive. Although the basis of some being bad and some being good. Most of them have good sides and bad sides to them.

Kind of Creativity

I love to make my own games, or quizzes ,or even card games. There is usually one problem, my own games become to complex for even me.

My Hobbies

My Personality

I am an INFP personality. Other people that have these personalities are Frodo Baggins, William Shakespeare, and Johnny Depp. I agree with me being an idealist and being misunderstood often. I do not agree with only being guided by principles, instead I am guided by many things. I most definitely disagree with being talented in many Languages, I hate all other languages except French which I'm not good at. I disagree with not being able to handle a big group of people, but only if they accept the help. I do agree with falling into deep thought often.