A Good Read

Supporting others in need


I'm so excited!

Four years ago I took a leap of faith and put my words into print.

I was nervous and afraid that it wouldn't be read never mind purchased.

My intent was to create something that would help a person that is on a journey of healing, recovery and provide them with support in a compassionate way.

What came about was my first ever self-published book.

I want to get this book into the hands that need it and those that enjoy reading.

Finding strength and comfort to get you through a life altering experience can be difficult. Talking to people about even more so over time.

This book is that outlet, that compassion, that voice that can relate to what your feeling.

I hope that it brings you some laughs, tears, and moments of solace as you fight like HELL to be victorious!

Find your strength from deep within.

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Supporting others

Today is the day!!
You can now get your copy of #NotesAlongMyJourney today for yourself or as a gift!
The promo is just $2.99! The proceeds benefit ‪#‎BreastCancerAwareness

Please leave a review on amazon or here to let me know what your thought of the book.

Fighters, Walkers and Survivors

Doing my part to make an impact in the lives of those fighting breast cancer and daily life. Yes, I walk and speak to many on this journey, but sometimes you have to do more.

A little compassion for another is priceless and goes a long way.

Each of us have been in need of it, have wanted it, but giving it has been a hurdle.

I will continue to do what I can to support.