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We're Here to Assist You and Our Students

Didn't last school year just end? I want to take this opportunity to share some of the resources we have available to you through the MediaPlex. First of all, we have many resources through our Destiny library page (the software that tracks all of our books). Linda Meid and I are available to help you in many ways, whether it's book, website, or resource suggestions; selecting and scheduling a lab that will best fit a lesson; finding out just what is available, or anything else in the realm of possibilities.

Teachers' Treasures

I am currently the CMS liaison for Teachers' Treasures. Basically, this means that I remind the staff once a month when it is our week to "shop". You pay a one-time membership fee ($25 before Sept 1) and then you are allowed to go once per month and select free materials for classroom use. I was invited to an open house there yesterday, and have put all of the things I received out on a table by the PC lab. Please take a look if you are interested in membership or have questions. Please do not take any of the items yet so that others may see before I donate them to classrooms. If someone else would like to be the liaison, please let me know; you do get a second visit per month in exchange for a few duties. I will gladly continue, but wanted to afford others the opportunity. (CIA has a liaison, too.)

Blendspace just added more features to the free version!

I saw this on Facebook (really). Blendspace (formerly edcanvas) is a site where you can easily share several websites, documents, images, files, etc with students through the use of one URL. We received some training on this last year, and several teachers have used it. They have added more features to the free version. You can now collaborate with another teacher in creating the space. You can read the specific article about it on Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers site.

PD at the Children's Museum

I've put a flyer on the bulletin board in the CMS copy room from the Children's Museum. I attended one of the sessions about the Terra Cotta Soldiers last spring, and it was very enjoyable. I have some resources from that evening as well if you would like to see them.

Want to Be Part of a Book Club for The Giver?

I am going to invite students to stay after school until 4:30 on Thursday, August 14 to talk about Lois Lowry's book The Giver. The movie comes out the next day. I was able to attend a program with Lois Lowry at Jeff Bridges at ALA this summer. Many times I give students a chance to meet and talk about a book before its corresponding movie comes out. Often I do this during lunch, but this time I will hold it after school. See me if you would like a copy, even if you do not want to join our club!

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