Google Hangout Melanie Settle

HMS Beginner Percussion Class

Let's Hangout!

The HMS Beginner Percussion class had an opportunity on Friday, 12/11/15 to do a Google Hangout with Melanie Settle, Graduate Teaching Assistant from the University of Nebraska and wonderful percussionist. During the Hangout, students learned the basic fundamentals of the major scale, including the formula used to develop all major scales and samples of three major scales. Because scales are the basis for all things music, this is a very important lesson.

The great thing about a Google Hangout is connecting students with professionals in their field. Mr. Ross is a tuba player by trade, and even though he knows how to play and teach percussion, it is a very neat opportunity for the students to work with a professional percussionist.

Below you will find a video taken during the Hangout. Please keep in mind that we are learning new concepts that are not rehearsed for a performance yet. :)

Hangout with Mel