Mariah Kelchen

Religion Diversity

There are many different religions in Canada the top ones are Roman Cathlioc (42.6%), Protestant (23.3%), None (16%).

Ethnic Make-Up

Living in Canada gives a lot of culture diversity to be apart of and learn about the culture surrounding them.

  • 28% British Isles Origin
  • 26% Mixed Backround
  • 23% French Origin
  • 15% Other European
  • 6% Other, mostly Asian, African, and Arab
  • 2% Amerindian

Climates in Canada

Canada only has two seasons Winter and Summer. During winter skiing lasts from December to April. In summer it started in june or july and probably goes until october or novermber.


There are so many places to live near and visit. Here are some of the places you could go.

  • Appalachian Mountains
  • St. Lawrence River
  • Great Lakes
  • Hudson Bay
  • Great Plains
  • Rocky Mountains

Treatment of Natives

Many Canadians think that natives desirve to be better of finamcially.


The first people in Canada were native indians, mostly Inuit. Canada was taken for France in 1534 by Jacques Carter. Quebec was founded in 1608. The treaty of Paris gave England control in 1763.


There are many laws in Canada but here are some of them.

  • Importation of intoxicating Liqours Act
  • Currency Act of 1985
  • Access to Information Act
  • Canada Election Act
  • Competition Act
  • Controlled Dugs and Substances Act
  • Copy Right Act
  • Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Income Tax Act
  • Pension Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act