The Colony of Virginia

By: Caroline Burdick


  • Located on a peninsula and had a slim link to the mainland, 50 miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Had good soil and a good harbor because it was located near the riverbank
  • This helped the economy, because it was easy to grow tobacco and the location helped for easy transportation

European Countries

  • England
  • Wanted to control the fur trade with the Dutch
  • Investors wanted new wealth
  • Wanted to convert natives to Christianity

Type of colony

  • The Church of England practiced a form of Protestant Christianity
  • Governed as a Royal colony after the London Company's charter was revoked
  • Exported tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit, and livestock

Major Events

  • The House of Burgesses, the first American representative legislature, met in Jamestown
  • First negroes were brought to Jamestown by Dutch traders
  • College of William and Mary was founded
  • People wanted to live in Virginia because it had rich soil and many plants and roots

Key people

  • Colony was founded by the London Company under the reign of James I
  • John Smith was the leader of the colony, and he is the one who began the trading relationship with the Powhatans
  • John Rolfe began to grow a new form of tobacco