Spirit Renewal

A Mother's Day Weekend Retreat

This Mother's Day Weekend come join with like-minded women in a safe and sacred space for a weekend of spiritual growth, renewal and communion. Take part in a beautiful regimen of daily detox, personal workshops and indulgent pampering. Share your growth and be uplifted by the spirits of your sister seekers, and come away renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Spirit Renewal Retreat

Thursday, May 7th, 6pm to Sunday, May 10th, 12pm

14598 Sheveland Road



Each of us has a sacred purpose, and that is to realize the love and joy that dwells within us and to share it with the world in our own special and unique ways. The process of living each day and dealing with life's challenges and emotional roadblocks, tend to chip away at our belief in our own true power. We begin to doubt our ability to achieve, to be financially secure, to find love, to be happy. Our ego-mind sabotages our sincere attempts at touching our spirit and we often end up feeling lost and discouraged.


In this retreat we will work on renewing the sacred contract that we each have with our own true selves. Through workshop sessions including lessons from A Course in Miracles, meditation and group discussions, we will begin to quiet the ego-mind and practice daily forgiveness and love. Through sharing circles we will be guided by each other to interpret our dreams and discover the personal lessons we each need to overcome in order to lead more loving and productive lives.

Pamper and care for your body as you learn to love yourself more fully. Partake in delicious detox meals, a special tea ceremony, facials, massages, and quiet time in nature. Take this weekend to really love yourself, your body and your mind, and come away refreshed and ready to share your joy with the world.


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Daily Yoga | Daily Group Hypnosis | Sunset Hike | Pamper-a-thon

Group Sound Healing | Full Detox Meal Plan | Dream Interpretation Talks

A Course In Miracles Workshops | Arts and Crafts | Raw Chocolate Class

24 hr Infrared Sauna | Spring Water Pool | Chinese Tea Ceremony

Affirmation Circle | A Talk with Tim: History and Mythology of Four Springs

Meal Plan- 3 organic, vegan, gluten and soy free meals a day designed for optimum detox. We will eliminate our diet of toxic substances that are consumed daily to allow our bodies the time and space to get rid of toxic build up trapped in our gut and blood stream. Each morning we will be greeted by body awakening shots of Synchro Gold (a concentrated ginger & turmeric drink) followed by a delicious and filling green smoothie. Every afternoon and evening we will gather together for beautiful hardy lunches and soothing dinners.

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Founded in 1956, Four Springs has become a sacred space for personal healing and inner work, and has served as a home for retreats and seminars in religion, psychology and spirituality for over 50 years. Secluded at the end of Sheveland Road, it sits on 280 acres of woods in the foothills north of Mount Saint Helena, in southern Lake County surrounded by creeks, springs, open fields and mountains. Its beautiful property includes wooden cabins, art and meditation buildings, spring water pool, meadows, grape arbor, hidden sauna, paths and hiking trails all creating a sanctuary very removed from daily distractions.

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Four Springs offers a few accommodation options to pick from depending on your preferences. It is a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you reserve your spot the more likely you are to get the space you desire.


Larger cabins, includes one queen bed, private bathroom, desk, heater, and a small living room

Founders Cabin 1- Shared Cabin with Private Bathroom

Founders Cabin 2- Private Cabin with Private Bathroom


Smaller in size, includes 2 single beds, desk, heaters, with a shared bathroom or bathhouse

Hoodoo Cabin 1- Shared Cabin with Bathhouse

Hoodoo Cabin 2- Private Cabin with Bathhouse

Hoodoo Cabin 3- Shared Cabin with Shared Bathroom

Hoodoo Cabin 4- Private Cabin with Shared Bathroom

∞ Flow ∞

| Thursday Night |

6 pm Retreaters Arrival

| Friday |

8 am Synchro Shots

8:30 am Morning Yoga

9:45 am Green Smoothie Time!

10:15 am Morning Gathering Intro Talk

11 am Tim Talk: The History of Four Springs

11:30 am Walking tour of the grounds: sauna, trails, etc.

12 pm Free Time

1 pm Feed your body - Nourish your Soul

1:30 pm Lunch

3 pm Pamper-a-thon

4:15 pm Free Time

5:30 pm Dinner

6:30 pm Tea Time | Gong Fu Cha (Chinese Tea Ceremony)

7:45 pm Group Hypnosis

9 pm Sound Healing

| Saturday |

8 am Synchro shot

8:30 am Morning Yoga

9:45 am Green Smoothie Time!

10:15 am ACIM lesson for the day // Dream Circle

11:15 am Free Time

12:30 pm Lunch

2 pm Raw Chocolate Class

3:30 pm Arts & Crafts

4:30 pm Free Time

5:30 pm Dinner

6:45 pm Sunset Hike

7:45 pm Group Hypnosis

8:45 pm Sound Healing Rhythm Play // Dance Night

| Sunday |

9 am Synchro Gold Shot + Green Smoothies

9:30 am ACIM daily lesson // Closing Circle

11:00 am Free Time

12 pm Checkout Time


$565 - $655

Depending on your cabin of choice

:: The Team ::

Becky Shafi

Becky Shafi is a corporate marketing manager and life-long student of personal growth and spirituality. She is author of The Diva Discovery Plan - a 14-day journey of transformation for women of middle age, published on Smashwords. As a follow-up to her Diva workbook, Becky held a series of workshops designed to help women discover and connect with their inner Goddess to bring more joy and meaning to their lives. More recently Becky has become a student of A Course in Miracles and is currently writing a book about angels. She has three grown children who are leading amazing lives and who bring her joy every day. Becky lives in Lafayette with her husband Omar and little dog Muffin. She believes it is not an accident that dog is God spelled backwards.

Barbara Woortmann

Barbara is the co-founder of Revive, a retreat and events company driven to elevate our society through the combination of holistic treatments, mindfulness, connection to nature, adventure and play. She was born and raised in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil until the age of 11, before moving to the Bay Area, California where she currently resides. She began her spiritual studies at the early age of 8 when she became a practitioner of Johrei, an energy healing technique founded in Japan. She continued on her path, becoming certified in Nature Farming at the age of 16 (a farming technique which goes beyond the use of organic products, to viewing and treating our soil as sacred in order to grow the highest vibrational produce possible) and since then has been diving deep into the studies of holistic nutrition, viewing food not only as a source of nutrition for our bodies, but most importantly as a powerful energy source for our beings. She currently spends her time living with her life partner in San Francisco, dancing, playing, exploring, adventuring around the world, and deepening her practices through ancient shamanic sacred medicine. She believes life is to be lived through the pure and playful heart of a child and is passionate about creating spaces for others to deepen their connections to their higher selves.

Kayko Tamaki

Kayko is a certified Hypnotherapist with a Bachelors of Science in Human Services. She was born and raised in Hawaii, and has traveled the world, gaining a diverse understanding of a wide range of cultures, traditions, and experiences. She is fluent in Japanese, and has a background as a certified Hospice volunteer. She is also a self-taught surreal painter. She has a passion for the way hypnotherapy helps us to connect relationships, how we experience the world, and personal growth, and believes strongly in hypnotherapy as a tool for advocating empowerment, self- awareness, self-love, and better overall health. It is her goal to see hypnotherapy become more accepted as a mainstream and valid form of healthcare, offering an alternative solution that attacks life’s problems at the root, transforming lives.​

Clare Hedin

British born, Clare is an international singer/songwriter and sound healer of many years. She shares her gifts at sound healing conferences, international events, symposiums, is an artist in residence at Grace Cathedral. Classically trained in piano, she finds her inspiration through her love of nature and of life. Innately curious, she researches the nature of sound and energy and has an MA in Consciousness Studies, Creative Arts and Transformative Studies. A natural healer, she co-founded the sound healing institute, SF, and has taught on the nature of sound and healing for many years, taking original healing music into hospitals in UK and CA (including Oakland Children's Hospital for many years). She performs locally, has 7 CDs to date, has her ongoing individual and group practice and teaches in the Bay and in Lake County, where she now happily resides.

Ghania Dawn Joia

An intuitive healer with an integrative approach to healing. She calls her work “Solelation”. Solelation is a body of work that has taken over 30 years to develop. The focus of the work is to unlock and release physical, energetic and emotional traumas as well as stuck patterns that create toxicity, pain, discomfort and stress in the body. Even after one session clients report that they feel relief from chronic pain, physically and emotionally lighter, deeply relaxed and happier. Which in turn, allows a person deeper access to their heart and soul and able to connect their everyday life with Heart Consciousness. Ghania’s work is a mix and integrates Foot Reflexology, Sound, Ortho-Bionomy, Inner Landscape, Cranial Sacral, Breath Work, Nutrition, and Counseling.

:: Partners ::

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