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#565, March 19, 2016

The Tricks of Translations

Translating literature is a curious process. If you've ever read a translated novel and then picked up another by the same author, but with a different translator, and found you struggled to find the author's voice (I'm thinking of Sawako Ariyoshi's Twilight Years and The Doctor's Wife), then you know what I'm talking about. The New York Review of Books raises an even more interesting question. What if an author wrote a version of their own book in two different languages? Arthur Koestler did just that.

Print Isn't Dead, it is Just Avoiding Mean People

Zines, small run magazines that are made using photocopiers are alive and well. One reason, the "horrible people" who use the Internet. Zine publishers have learned that you don't have to deal with a flood of snarky reader comments when your publication is on paper.

Preprints May Change Everything

"If university libraries drop their costly journal subscriptions in favor of free preprints, journals may well withdraw permission to use them, forcing biomedical researchers to make a harder choice. The preprint movement, some #ASAPbio advocates argue, may presage the need for a greater cultural shift than scientists have yet been willing to make: evaluating one another based on the substance of their papers, not where they are published. "

Artists and Fire, What Could go Wrong?

Why do so many artist studios burn? That is the question addressed in a new book, On Fire. Jonathan Griffin talked to ten artists to learn how they recovered after their studios burned.

Great Library Websites

The British Library can help you start a business, take a class, or learn about Shakespeare.

Their "Item of the Week" is Karl Marx's manifesto. You can see how it fits into the timeline of British history on the library's interactive site:

NYPL Is Renovating

I don't know where you work, but chances are your ceiling isn't going to be as nice as the new one in the New York Public Library.

Mockingbird Update

Last week we shared the news that the mass market version of To Kill a Mockingbird was going away. This week we learned that schools will be able to buy the trade edition for the same price they used to pay.

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