PD Team Meeting

February 8, 2016


Objectives for today:

1. Engage in learning more about ourselves & our team mates - David

2. Participate in the reinvention of AISD PD

A. New Professional Development Training - David & Josie

B. Feb 19 PD Work Group

C. Teacher Induction Program

Team Building

How do you see me?

Designing Effective Professional Learning




Austin ISD Strategic Plan 2016-2021

PD Work Group


  1. Share the focus areas for 2016-17 professional development aligned to the Strategic Plan

  2. Foster a growth mindset to ensure a cycle of continuous improvement in professional development

  3. Deepen understanding of the TIM and apply it to their work as developers of pd

  4. Consider how district wide implementation of PPfT will impact professional development for 16-17

  5. Engage with colleagues to revise content and processes of learning opportunities

  6. Utilize refined categories in HCP to indicate alignment of pd to the Strategic Plan

Austin ISD Teacher Induction Program

  • Research
  • Updates - Pay, Schedule
  • Parameters
  • Components
  • AISD Data
  • Campus Orientation Day
  • Cohorts
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