Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

It has hosted some of the greatest events in history. Has been around for a very long time. The monument Is Madison Square Garden. It is one of the major stadiums in the world. The location is Manhattan, New York. This monument was Built to Symbolize James Madison. Madison was the 4th president of the United States.

There have been 5 Madison Square Gardens in total. The first Madison Square Garden was constructed by a man named Charles Luckman. There was once 2 Madison Square Gardens on 49th and 50th Street. James Madison Wanted this built to make sure everyone remembered him.

Madison Square Garden is 820,000 square feet. It seats about 19,200 people.

Construction cost $123 million dollars in 2002. In 2014 it cost $805 million dollars. Renovation cost $297 million dollars. All together Msg Cost 1.07 billion dollars.

Madison Square garden is Home to about 9 different major league teams.

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