Workshops at OBSCURA Festival

Georgetown, Penang

OBSCURA Workshops begin next week!

Welcome to OBSCURA Festival 2013 and thank you for signing up for Workshops at OBSCURA.

Things are shaping up quickly and we can't wait to welcome you to Georgetown!

Workshop Registration (for Che Ahmad Azhar's class)

Wednesday, June 26th 2013 at 6pm

155 Lebuh Pantai

George Town, Penang

Registration Location:
China House (The Canteen), Georgetown, Penang.

About the Workshop

What will happen during Registration:
You will get to meet your instructor and classmates. Here is where you will begin to discuss your stories, ideas and get to know each other. You will also decide what time to meet and what you will be doing for the rest of the workshop in your group.

Workshop Class Structure:

The structure of your class will largely depend on your discussions with the instructor on the evening of the 26th June 2013. There you will customise your class times, shooting time, 1 on 1 review session, group sessions, etc.

This is a rigorous workshop and you will be working all the time. There will be no "off time". You will be required to be working on your project the entire duration of the workshop.

When does the Workshop end?

The workshop will end on Saturday, 29th June 2013 at about 930pm after the slide show from all the students in your class. There will also be an award ceremony and certificate presentation.

The location of the workshop activities and events will largely be around the Georgetown World Heritage sites.


Download here.

OBSCURA Festival

OBSCURA Festival is an international photography festival that features Asian stories through Asian photographers. It aims to showcase the best of Asian photography to the world, and also bring the finest photographic works from around the globe to the Asian audience.

OBSCURA Festival will run for 10 days, from 21 – 30 June 2013.

It will be held in Georgetown Penang, and will be embedded in George Town Festival. George Town Festival, which will be in its 5th year this year, will run from 7 June – 7 July 2013 and is a highly anticipated annual month-long celebration of art, music, theatre, dance, opera and film.