Flinder's Street Station

to Eureka Tower

By Chethana Varma

Have you ever gotten lost on your way to the Eureka from Flinder's Street Station? With these directions you can go through the scenic Melbourne route or the Sports route.

Scenic Melbourne Route:

1- Firstly, go straight until you reach the round-about on Flinder's Street.

2- At the round-about go straight until you reach the Melbourne Aquarium.

3- Then, turn right onto Swanston Street. Follow the road. You will pass the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

4- At the end of the road turn left onto Varma Way. You will be walking along side the Crown Casino. At the next corner turn right onto Victoria Street. Now you will be infront of the Crown Casino. Turn left onto Queen Street.

5- Now that you are on Queen Street, the Melbourne Zoo is to your left and straight infront of you is the Eureka Tower! You have now reached your destination!

Sports Route

1- Go straight util you arrive at the round-about on Flinder's Street. Turn right onto Russell Street.

2- Next walk straight and then turn right onto Melbourne Street.

3- Follow the road until you see St Kilda Road to your left, turn.

4- Afterwards, walk straight until you arrive at the sign saying Sports Way. To your left, you will see the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) Museum and the MCG. To your right is the Rod Laver Arena.

5- Once you arrive at Sports Way you can see the Eureka Tower straight infront of you. To your left you will see AAMI Park and Hisense Arena.


If you would like, you can visit the above mentioned attractions, but they will come at a cost.

You have now reached your destination!

I hope these instructions have helped you arrive at the Eureka Tower from Flinder's Street Station without getting lost. I know that I have been lost a couple of times on my way there, but with this map I have never been lost and was never late to any special events or occasions!