Creating a Research Proposal

Designing a research protocol

Task One: Choice of Topic

Have you recieved feedback on your topic? Does it need to be narrowed down?

Task Two: Sources

Go to google or google scholar and start searching your topic. Try to find 5 different sources that share information about your topic. As you are searching, use the following questions to guide your thinking:

1. How are the sources different or shed different information?

2. How credible are your sources?

3. What information did you gather that makes your topic relevant?

Task Three: 2 paragraph Proposal

Go to your Innovation Account and create a new google document.

a. Paragraph one should include a topic, issue, or area of interest you wish to research further, why this topic or area is significant, and where you plan to gather information for your research.

b. Within your second paragraph you should discuss how you want to present your research. You can choose to do this through a performance (dance, monologue, scene, song, ect.), visual art (digital narrative, animation, painting, ect.), or through more traditional methods, such as a research paper OR digital presentation.

Task Four: Share your proposal

Wtihin the discussion thread share the link to your proposal (google doc). Make sure within the google document that you click on share and allow anyone with the link to see. When you are finished provide feedback to others who have posted.