A Glance at My Beautiful Life

Crazy, but beautiful

At a Glance

Hi everyone!

My name is Mrs. Redmond and I am thrilled to be sharing ELA with you this semester. In case you were wondering, here are a few things you might not know about me.

First, I'm from Illinois, about 5 hours from here. My parents and older sister and her family still live there, but my older brother lives in California with his fiance' and my younger brother lives in Florida. Even though we are quite spread out, we are an extremely close family. A cool fact about my family is that we are pretty sport oriented. My dad played basketball in college while my mom played volleyball, basketball and softball in college. All of my siblings played sports in college, too! Everyone played basketball except for my sister--volleyball. It's interesting that we all played Division I sports, including my parents. My grandmother even won the state championship in women's basketball in TN. My dad is in the Coaching Hall of Fame in IL and I could go on.

I come from a spectacular family, who happens to enjoy sports. My family had an effect on me as sports was something that I took a liking to as well. I played basketball at Mizzou where I met my husband who played football there as well. Even to this day, staying fit and playing sports is something that we just like doing and being part of.

When times aren't so busy with traveling and playing, I love being at home with my husband and daughters. Notice, my kitchen isn't as clean as the one in the background (and quite a bit more colorful) but, I love cooking for my family and friends. We often have friends over, which makes life more fun.

The most important things in my life are my faith and family. Reading is something that I love doing in my free time, which isn't much right now in my life. I believe that through reading and writing, we can change the world. I just started a blog this semester. When you check it out, bare with me as there are only a few books that I have read this past semester! Also, check it out if you are ever interested in a book from our library--


I enjoy reading blogs, but again don't have a ton of time to do so. One blog I enjoy is


I suppose I have written nearly a novel, so I will stop! I feel I have a blessed and beautiful life because of the people I have in it and am thankful for that. I'm excited to work with you this semester to learn more about you.

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