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Go For The GOLD Team USA- Check out the Olympic book display

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From 1896 to 1992, the Olympics were held every four years, except in 1916 during World War I, and in 1940 and 1944 during World War II. The Winter Games, which were established in 1924, took place the same year as the Summer Games. Beginning in 1994, the Winter and Summer Games were divided and scheduled on four-year cycles two years apart

Wallechinsky, David. "Olympic Games." World Book Advanced. World Book, 2014.Web.10 Feb. 2014.

First Kiss Then Tell/Cylin Busby

When you read this book you may have a blissful memory of first love or a torturous one of a slobbery lip lock. Filled with personal stories, quotes, and facts about the "first kiss" popular young adult authors share their experiences. Perfect for a Valentine's Day read.

Question: What was the first full length animated movie that featured a kiss? Answer: Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (from Frist Kiss: Then Tell/Cylin Busby)

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