On the way to Galvenston

Ten destinations on the way :)


Traveling can be a struggle if you stay on the road but if you stop you can have a blast so the 12 stops you will take are Crossbyton, Seymour, Springtown , Fort Worth, Waxahachie , Fairfeild, Madisonville, Willis, Houston, League city, Bayouvista and Galvenston . THere is so much entertainment to be found. The trip is a total of 611 miles

First stop Crossbyton

Crossbyton is 38/611miles away from Lubbock

Crossbyton is Big on natural attractions

Crossbyton has great walking and biking trails

Crossbyton has historical churches to learn about too

Crossbytons population is 1,707

2nd stop Seymore

Crossbyton to Seymore is 119/611 of the trip

Seymore has amazing museums

Seymores population is 2,652

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Springtown 3rd stop

Seymore to Springtown is 107/611 miles of the triP

Springtown has fun arcades and trampoline parks

The population is 2,722

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4th stop Fortworth

Springtown to Fortworth is 47/611 miles of the trip

The Population is 792,7272

There I fun amusement parks

The historical Fortworth stock yards

The Fortworth zoo is amazing

5th stop Waxahchie

Fortworth to Waxahchie is 47/611 miles of the trip

The population is 31,591

Waxahachie is gingerbread city

Waxahachie has boating rivers and great food

It has FUN amusement parks

6th stop Fairfeild

Fairfeild is 69/611 miles of the trip

Fairfeild is known for fantastic shopping centers

It has great food

The population is 109,320

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Madisonville 7th stop

Madisonville is 50/611

Madisonville has lakes to swim and to rides boats and enjoy your life

Madisonville has western shopping centers which are pluses

The population is 19,791

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8th stop Willis

Willis is 58/611 miles of the trip

Willis has very good Mexican food and loves day of the dead and has lots of parties

The population is 6,076

7th stop Houston

Houston is 48/611

Houston has great amusement parks

It also has cool food and restaurants

Houston has cool hotels

The population is 2.196 million

10th stop league city

league city is 30/611 of the trip

League city has great lakes for swimming boating and walking around the city and playing on the docks with friends and family to have a great time

The population is 90,983

You also can rent a lake house and spend the night

11th stop Bayou Vista

Bayou vista is 48/611 miles of the trip

It has fun activities

The population is 1,559

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Finally in Galvenston

Bayou vista to Galvenston is 17/611 miles of the trip

Galvenston has beaches to hang with the fam

There is fun indoor activities like awesome aquariums

Galvenston has fun amuse