The Ashleys Birthday Vicious

By: Melissa De La Cruz

Lexile - 890


This is a book about a group of friends who call them selves 'The Ashleys' and they do every thing together. In this book it's the main Ashleys (Ashley Spencer's) birthday. For her sweet thirteenth she hired the most expansive party planer. Ashley considers her birthday the most important thing in the world. Ashley was so exited for her circus themed party until her mom threatens to cancel it. Ashleys mom makes her a have smaller, toned down party, with only a few friends. The most important friends she invites are the rest of the Ashleys which include, A.A., Lili, and Lauren. All these girls also have things of there own going on on top of the party. Lauren's friend, Sadie, from elementary just moved back and is now coming back to there middle school but Sadie doesn't know that Lauren is now one of the Ashleys because when Lauren and Sadie where younger they use to make fun of the Ashleys because they couldn't be one and now Lauren can't let the rest of the Ashleys know that they are hanging out. Meanwhile A.A. is thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend because she has a crush on Ashleys ex boyfriend. Lili Has a crush on a boy from another school but they are exact opposites but because Lili really likes him she agrees to go on a camping trip with him. Lili knows her mother would never let her go camping with some random dude so she tells her mom she is spending the night at A.A.'s house. When it was time for Lili to go home it started to ran and there was a mix up on who was going to pick them up and her mom ends up finding out that she lied and went camping and Lili gets grounded. During the after noon announcements at school Ashley decides to give out her invitation's. Lauren was upset that Sadie didn't get invited so she convinces Sadie and the other girls who didn't get invited to talk to the Dean about feeling left out. Ashley is forced to invite everyone to her party which she is actually happy about because that means her mom has to give her the big party she wants. Lauren needs to get Sadie ready and girly for Ashley's party were they are actually planning on getting revenge on the Ashleys for being rude to them when they were younger and she needs to pick which one of her two boyfriend she is going to bring to the party. Ashley is trying to find a nice place to relax after her parents drop the baby bomb on her so she decides to go down to the dock and take her small boat out on the water. When she got down to the shore she met a nice guy named Alex. Lili is trying to find a way to convenes her parents to let her go to the party. A.A is single and is planing to go to the party that way. Lauren's boyfriend finally found out that she was cheating on her and they both dumped her. The night of the party came and Lauren and Sadie went with out a boyfriend. A.A. finally dumped her boyfriend and went single. Lili was forced to go single because her parents let her go to the party but she wasn't allowed to see any boys. Ashley had to go to her own party single, she invited to boy she met at the dock but he never showed up. It was time for Sadie and Lauren to get there revenge but they both had deferent ideas in there minds. Sadie went behind Ashley and shoved her face in the cake and totally ruined her birthday.


This book was not one of my favorite books but it wasn't to bad. I didn't like how there were preteen girls already cheating and starting drama. I feel like if the girls were older it wouldn't be as bad. I think the concept of the book was pretty good. I would recomend this book to another preteen just starting to get into drama I feel like this would be a good book for them


  • Lili
  • Ashley
  • A.A.
  • Lauren
  • Conner
  • Alex
  • Tri
  • Hunter
  • Christopher
  • Max

Best quote

"She'd created a monster"