Women Of Mesopotamia


Hammurabi's Code

Women all around Babylon are protesting of how they feel about Hammurabi's Code. A lot of laws in Hammurabi's Code didn't treat women as fairly as the men. Hammurabi's Code: protected the rights of women in marriage, protected them against assault, slaves had fair treatment, and lay down conditions for divorce. We interviewed some women and all of them said the same thing, they want to be treated as equally as the men.


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If you are not treated fairly by your husband, then why not waist your life with him.

For every city in Mesopotamia there are different laws to keep you happy while you are divorced.

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Archaeologists recently found the body of Queen Shagshag in the bottom of a Ziggurat. She was covered with jewelry and lots of gold.

Administration of the temple the goddess Bau was in hands of her. She exercised legal and economic authority over the domain of the temple. Employing 1000 to 1200 persons round.She had 150 slaves: spinners, woolworkers, brewers, millers, and kitchen workers.

One female singer, several musicians, and a lot of other slaves working for her.


The first poet speaks out for the first time about how she was treated.

Enheduanna was the first known female poet in history.

Her poems of praise to gods and goddesses were really popular in her time.

When her father died the new ruler of Ur removed her from her position as a high-priestesses. The new ruler was one of her step-brothers.

Then she wrote poems about how she felt about her step-brother removing royalty from her.

Wanted! Erishti-Aya

Who ever finds him gets a reward of 1,000,000 minas.

She was very mean to her parents who were the King and Queen.

She ran away and is on the hunt to hurt her parents.

Assyrian Women

Assyrian women are the strongest, most talented, skilled, capable, intelligent, and hard-working women in the world. They are natural givers, lovers, nurturers, leaders, and matriarchs, which is why they make excellent wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts. They are devoted to their husbands, children, family, friends, associates, and Assyrian institutions.


Sumer Women

Sumer women draped the garment from the left shoulder, while the men bound it at their waists and left the upper half of their body bare.
Styles changed gradually over time, and later on, the male clothing moved up toward the neck, at least among the upper class. Slaves, from beginning to end, both male and female, went about naked from the waist up, however.
On their heads, the Sumerians wore a cap; on their feet, they wore sandals; wealthy women sometimes wore shoes of soft leather, lacking heels that they laced up.
Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, finger rings and ear rings made the women of Sumer into show windows of their husband's prosperity


Women Slaves

Women slaves all around Mesopotamia were not treated with enough respect.

They were forced to do anything their owner wanted even if it was dangerous.

Most owners wanted to protect their slaves but some did not.

There was a fine to pay if you hurt your slave.

Slaves should be treated better and it's not fair for them to live like this.

Stand up and join the Get Rid of Slaves Club!