The Hollywood Sign

Hollywood sign

Lauren Hutchison

6th hour

The Hollywood Sign:

The hollywood sign was a very difficult task, for even a man to build. A man named Harry Chandler was a real estate advertiser and invested in an upscale real-estate development called Hollywoodland. It's located on the hills of Los Angeles, California. Mount Lee is the hill that many people hike on to excersise. People thought of the Hollywood Sign as a place to admire for a place to think, hike, and meet new people.

Many years ago a man named Thomas Fisk Goff created the Hollywood sign by hand near the Santa Monica Mountains, in Los Angeles, Ca. Hundereds of people pay to see the sign. The sign was bulit also to advertise a housing development but it became something much bigger. As the owner of Cresent Sign Company, in 1923 he designed the Hollywood Sign. Thomas Goff was born in 1890 and died in 1984. Born in London, England. He lived in Los Angeles for a very long time and had his own buisness.

The Hollywood Sign is one of the most famous monuments in the United States. This monument is about 45 feet tall, and 350 feet wide. Its big white capital letters stand tall on Mount Lee in the Holywood Hills area in the Santa Monica Mountains. The Hollywood Sign is about 90-93 years old. The sign costs about $21,000. Telephone poles, pipes, and wires are used to secure to frames construction, to keep it held down. 4,000 bulbs are used to light up the Hollywood Sign. 1923-1931 the sign became a tourist attrcation. In the mid 1940's the sign became a part of Graffith Park. Many people wanted to have it removed, and the developer decided to sell the achres and the sign to the city of Los Angeles.

In 1973, a woman named Gloria Swansan sponsered a complete makeover of the sign. 5 years later, termites have infested the sign, and an "O" rolled down the mountain. The "L" was set on fire by arsonists. Hugh Hefner steps in and sets up funds to raise money for new letters. The old sign is dimolished for the first time in 50 years. In 1978 the sign was unvailed. The sign is lit in 1984 for the summer olympics in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Sign is the center of the global entertainment industry. On New Years Eve 1999 they lit the sign to bring in the millennium countdown. In 2009 they upgraded their security system to be monitored 24 hours a day. In 1932, a lady named Peg Entwhistle, a 24 year old, dived off the top of the "H" in ptomthe mountains after climbing it. The veiw that is inseperable from its cultural landmark will be protected. The Hollywood Sign is a very important landmark in Los Angeles, and it will always stay that way.

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