Wind Energy

Conversation of Energy

What are the pros and cons?

Wind energy has many pros and cons. The pros of wind power is, wind power can be depleted like other types of natural resources. Also if wind is operated, it can produce electricity. It can also likely be fed back. People say some wind turbines are beautiful but not everyone says things about wind turbines. This type of energy is certainly very clean, and clear. Wind energy is free, unlike some sources of energy. Now, onto the cons. Windmills don't always blow consistently all the time because windmills stop once in awhile. Wind turbines typically only operate about 30% capacity, which isn't very much. High winds can damage your wind turbines, to power your house. The blades on wind turbines sometimes can very dangerous to wildlife. Wind turbines can also interfere with your reception in your house, which might cause your electronics to screw up. If you want to set up wind turbines, you would have to have a lot of space to place them.

How are windmills built?

Windmills can be made for two reasons one to give energy and to power houses like lights and two for pumping water but not drinking water cleaning water. A windmill has a gear box right in the middle that's what it starts with then add the propellers then the stem like the body of it and then u have to connect the power cord for the energy to flow throw.Once the wind picks up them the propellers spin then energy is made.

What is Wind Energy?

Wind power can form electricity with wind turbines. Wind turbines work with wind energy to create electricity. As the blades of wind turbines turn when wind blows in, it creates electricity. Wind power is the cleanest source of energy compared to other sources of energy. Wind turbines are used for pumping water. Along time ago, windmills were put on small sheds.

When Did They Start Using Wind Mills To Make Energy?

Wind energy propelled boats a very long time ago in 5000 BCE in the Nile River. In 200 BCE windmills in China pumped water instead of popular that's made on land and wind blows in the windmill instead of water. By the 11th century people in the Middle East used windmills for food products.

Why are alternative energy so important?

Alternative energy sources became important when coal failed us. In early, times we ran heavily relied on wood for energy a very long time ago. We have been harnessing the power of clean alternative energy sources that became a necessity. World wide concerns of pollution, ozone layer, depletion and global warming. Also if we used alternative energy sources we would have a way cleaner earth.