Where is Middle-Earth?



The landscape in Nepal has many mountains and valleys, matching Middle Earth really well. The language of Nepal is Nepali. The majority of people in Nepal are either Hindu or Buddhist.


I think this region would be a good Middle Earth because Nepal is located in the Himalayas, and there are many large mountains and valleys. For instance, the Valley of Rivendale was near the Misty Mountains, which would be the Himalayas. Mt. Everest well represents the Lone Mountain. I think this is because it has all the mountains around it.

Counter Claim

I think Nepal would be the best country to be Middle Earth. I think this because the large mountain range, the Himalayas would represent the Misty Mountains well. Also, I think Mt. Everest would best represent the Lonely Mountain. Also, I think that the caves and pastures match up well.


In conclusion, I think that Nepal is the best for this because in this region is located the mountain range that I think would best fit the description of the Misty Mountains and Nepal.

Extra Info

There are many hills and green, and caves that would be good locations for more detailed areas. For instance, Bilbo's Hobbit Hole, and the cave that Bilbo appears in.