Journal of John Winthrop 1630-1649

by: Richard S. Dunn & Laetitia Yeandle

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The journal of john Winthrop is good i like how the book talks about John's Winthrop adventures and his journeys he went on.Also it talked about the struggles John Winthrop had to go through. -Nas Thompson-

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In the spring of 1630, Winthrop led a fleet of 11 vessels and 700 passengers to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Winthrop was one of 20,000 Puritans who journeyed to America between 1620 and 1640.He traveled on the ship called the Arbella on which he made his famous 'City upon a hill' sermon. In 1645 Winthrop became the first president of the Confederation of New England.

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John Winthrop (12 January 1588 - 26 March 1649) was famous for the founding, and as a leader of, the Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England. He was a strict Puritan and the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Winthrop and the Puritans believed that they would establish a pure church in New England that would offer a model for the churches in the 'mother-land' and reform the Anglican Church. John Winthrop had an excellent education, tutored at home, attending a grammar school and was admitted to Trinity College in December 1602