It's a Paddle Party

Fundraiser to benefit Friends Helping Friends of W.PA

Have Fun, Win Prizes and Support a Charity!

Doors open at 5:30. Auction begins at 6:15. Proceeds to benefit Friends Helping Friends of Western PA. Food and beverages available for purchase.

Local Vendors donate 3 baskets of items to be auctioned. There will be around 20 companies represented.

How it works:
Guests receive one auction paddle with paid admission ($5.00). Additional paddles can be purchased for $2.00 each (until sold out).
Guests purchase unlimited amount of tokens for $0.25 each. Tokens are used for bidding.
In live auction style, the vendor will present an item(s) and set the bid amount (1-3 tokens). Guests wanting to bid on the auction item will put the designated number of tokens in their table jar and raise their paddle.
Once the auction for that item is closed, a winning number will be randomly selected. If the winning paddle, matching the winning number, is raised in the air, that person is the winner. If the paddle is not raised, that number will be considered a “no bid” and another number will be randomly selected. The winner will receive their item(s) at this time.
If a number is selected, but the person with the matching paddle number did not bid they simply yell out “NO BID” and another number is selected.
Auction items range in retail value of $25.00-$75.00. (Therefore, winners receive these quality prizes for only $0.25-$0.75).

It's a Paddle Party

Saturday, Aug. 31st, 5:30-9pm

253 Mercer St


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Auction of New Items

5:30 pm Doors Open for Auction Preview

6:15 pm Auction Begins