By: Morgan Andrews 8th Hour, Science

Career Overview

An Oceanographer studies the ocean, the ocean floor and the coastline. They also study animals and plants that live in the ocean. Last but not least they study the sea, air and how they influence each other. The study of Oceanography consists of 5 different parts: physical, chemical, geological, marine and biological.
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Career Success

If you want to pursue the job for a Oceanographer some good classes to take in high school are: Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. Taking these classes will help determine if this is the career for you. Also, these classes will help with your job as an Oceanographer.

As far as college, an undergrad and Master's Degree would be needed.

Education and Living Costs

• The grand total for everything from housing, groceries, gas, clothing and schooling at St. Cloud Univertsiy is $96,732 for four years.

• For college the cost per year is $15,733.

• The total cost to attend St. Cloud University is high because this is a private college and is located in Minnesota.

• For one year, housing is $4,700.

• For one year, books and resources would be $500 per book.

• For on year, food and groceries is $1,500.

• For one year, the gas money for trips is 1,000.

• For one year, clothing $1,250 will be expected to be spent.

• For four years, housing will be $18,800.

• For four years, food and groceries will be 6,000.

• For four years, money for gas and trips will cost $4,000.

• For four years, clothing will cost $5,000.

• The tuition total of going to college is $62,932.

• Also if you are away at college you will need to apply for loans, scholarships and financial aid.

• With all these costs you will need at least a part time job to pay the bills.

How I feel about the job

Oceanography is not my first career choice but I do like learning about the ocean along with animals and plants that live in the ocean. A career in Oceanography would cost $100,000. That is a lot of money for a career that is not my top choice. The median salary is $78,000 which would still take me a long time to pay off my loans.
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Organizations for Oceanography

Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography: http://aslo.org/index.php

The Oceanography Society : http://tos.org


  • This job offers many interesting ocean problem challenges that require solutions.
  • This job is by the ocean.
  • There are many jobs in Oceanography such as sampling the ocean floor or measuring the amount of plants or animals in the ocean.


  • This job is away from family.
  • If an Oceanographer spends time at sea there is a good chance they will live in a cramped space.
  • This job might require odd work hours, including late night and weekends.


Hi kids! Oh sorry ,I mean teens! Anyway, DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE?

Well if you do, one fun, entertaining job that you should consider is Oceanography. You can live in warm weather and be by the beach and ocean 24/7. You can even swim with dolphins and sea turtles! You work outside most of the time and you can do different jobs such as sampling a plant or diving in the ocean to observe animals. All you need is an undergrad and Masters Degree to be an Oceanographer. To get this dream job, you should take Calculus, Physics and Chemistry in high school. The salary for an Oceanographer is between $49,100 and $108, 340. An Oceanographer is a exciting way to be with animals, work outside and have fun! Don't delay, join the Oceanography team today!!(: