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Mid April Update

We Can Do This Together

Why do KLOVE/Air 1 and NPR all do “pledge drives” to convince listeners to give on a monthly basis? Because it works! Monthly donors are the absolute back bone of those radio stations and many other non-profits. It is amazing how MANY people doing SOMETHING produces a BIG result. Our “Fuel the Movement” campaign is about filling the tank for the years ahead through MANY people doing SOMETHING. We have seen such great progress in prayer, service, leadership and gospel work in the region since the Sacramento Festival in 2012. We want this work to continue, but we are at a time where we need everyone who has been engaged with this work to do SOMETHING. We are looking for at least 100 monthly financial supporters to undergird the work of the ACTS Group. This is necessary for ACTS Group's role to continue to be vital in catalyzing and mobilizing united Christian initiatives like Every School/Every Neighborhood in the region. If you are receiving this, you are the ACTS Group and I am calling on you to join Heather and me in monthly financial support. We have made it simple and secure. Follow the steps to set up a recurring monthly donation of any amount by clicking here

Together for the Gospel –

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group


Did you know that SacramentoPRAYS is convening prayer leaders of churches for a quarterly meal, encouragement and prayer? Prayer Leaders Fellowship is currently reaching and connecting over 120 prayer leaders through online communication and quarterly gatherings. Through these connections, an acceleration of united and prevailing prayer throughout the Sacramento Capital Region is growing. Gathering dozens of prayer leaders is impacting tens of thousands of believers in the churches they represent!

The next Prayer Leaders Fellowship is on April 30. Curious, contact us at


Season of Service has been a useful initiative increasing the overall level of service in the greater Sacramento region. As churches and non-profits tackle immediate challenges and long term problems through practical service, ongoing engagement ensues. An example of this is the “Serve Every School” effort that is mobilizing churches toward practical service projects that build bridges of relationship with local middle schools and high schools. Many of these relationships that are kindled over a service project are continuing to grow in ongoing positive relationship between churches and schools. We will be celebrating these projects and the whole effort this year on Friday, May 22 at Raley Field in conjunction with the Sacramento Rivercats. Learn more and get a ticket to the game and celebration here:


We are developing a full blown website and social media for Sacramento regional gospel movement leaders calledConvergence Link. This will be the platform where you can watch the short talks we call “Convergence Conversations”. 17 Talks were filmed at Center of Praise Ministries at the end of February and over 60 area leaders listened to and interacted over the diverse content. Together, Talking and Transforming are the words that describe these times. The next Convergence Conversation gathering is scheduled for Friday, October 9.
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Fuel the Movement Campaign

If you want to learn much more about the good work that is happening in the region, you are invited to one of our six remaining Fuel the Movement meetings There will be a 40 minute presentation and time for Q&A on any subject related to the rising level of God’s activity throughout our Capital region. Dessert and coffee will be served. Just click on the register link below to let us know you are coming:

4/27 An Evening with the ACTS Group- El Dorado Hills: Register

4/29 An Evening with the ACTS Group- Folsom: Register

5/4 An Evening with the ACTS Group- Arden Arcade: Register

5/5 An Evening with the ACTS Group-Roseville: Register

5/11 An Evening with the ACTS Group- Rocklin: Register

5/12 An Evening with The ACTS Group- Midtown: Register

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ACTS Group Endorsement

Bill Coibion, President, Shoulder To Shoulder

"The Luis Palau Sacramento Festival initiated mobilizing pastors and churches to serve together and love the lost, as Jesus loves us, without any expectation. This is exactly what’s needed in our region. The mobilization of His church to reach the leaders of tomorrow today through churches adopting a school is off the charts. The ACTS Group has established a vision together with a set of ambitious goals and, together, Sacramento can achieve them. “Where there is no vision people cast off restraint”…Pr 29:18. Sacramento is fortunate to have the ACTS Group, working together with City Pastors Fellowship, to facilitate bringing pastors and churches together to accomplish what God has planned for Sacramento. Sacramento, we’re on the right path …. praise God! "

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Unified, gospel-based leaders working for transformation in the diverse communities of the Sacramento region. These leaders provide ongoing leadership and encouragement for gospel movement in communities as well as in the spheres of cultural influence of the city.