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Suicide Note

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Hey guys, this may be difficult for you to read right now, considering that I'm gone and I left you a huge mess for you to clean up. You may be mad @ me right now, but it's gonna be fine. Your love was never enough for me, but I'll learn that you do. Don't you think I'll be alone in heaven, I will have a guardian angel as so I'm told. I'll learn to love more than I was able to with their help. I don't necessarily go to a bright, shiny land you wish for me to be in, it's a bit darker than heaven. At least I can see you when you are heading to heaven! It's gonna take me a while to fully forgive and love myself after this but it'll be alright. Honestly guys, I'll be fine, worry about yourself.


Miranda <3



Sissy Talk (she gone)

it a bad time for me and jackson he my brothur. my baby sister got trap in car during fire. everybude got out but sister. daddy wudnt let mommy get sister i think daddy dont like sister! i know sister will be great in heven even tho she cri alot. i have a felingz that sister know she gonna go away. she is hapy up in heven with granny. when sister rech her light she will have babysitter to care 4 her. she will wate 4 me. sister wont be lonely or dark she will be hapy and make friend. her soul can still be here. mommy and daddy are great. they would never hurt sister. sister know that. i love mommy daddy brothur and sister!

Ghost Story


For the Thundergirls 9-24-1978

(warning true story)

Hopefully this is being read by many thundergirls. This story shall be passed down from scout to the next. Ghost stories are to be read @ a bonfire with many people, if read somewhere else may be in danger. My name is May. I was probably 7 when this happened to me, but wrote this when I was 12. So lets get started.

The Story of The Hangmen

It was an innocent game, hangman, see where I'm going with this? Since we didn't have any phones with us we would play hangman. We weren't very smart scouts. Whenever we were done with our paper or one game of hangman, we would just throw the paper into the thick evergreen forest. One day we were all sitting in a circle around the fire and heard a groan come from the forest. We started to all walk towards the noise but suddenly stopped. There it was. A whole army of men. Stick figures with crazy designs? This was when we realized we created our own demons. Somehow they reincarnated into real live humans. Like this was there second chance. I must be hallucinating. I've read in articles that people hallucinate whenever there is a big trauma. I feel like I'm dying. The men came closer and started to pry at me. They picked out my organs and laid them down. I saw a light, the big bright light everyone talks about before dying. This was sickening. I felt my soul leave my body, and there was the golden gate in front of me with several people coming over to comfort me. I felt safe, blessed. All of a sudden I'm dragged back down. In a room full of surgeons. They tell me I had a heart attack and that they almost lost me. To this day I know heaven is filled with love, and I'm looking forward to death. Not how you thought this ghost story would end huh? Well now you know to stop littering and what heaven is like (a short glimpse).