Credit Fraud

(Federal Trade Commission) Have you been scammed?

If you have or think that you've been scammed then report it to the federal trade commission (FTC)

(Hang Up on Phone Fraud) Is telemarketing a big crime in the United States?

Yes it affects millions of Americans every year

(Identity Theft: Rapid Response Tips) How can you help to limit the damage from identity theft?

1) Place a fraud alert on your credit report

2) Filing a complaint with the FTC

3) File a police report

(Job Scams) How do you know it's a scam?

Scammers advertise jobs exactly where legitimate employers do on popular websites, in the classifieds, and even on TV. The ads sound so promising, whether it’s for hourly work or an executive-level job. Every ad raises your hopes. But ads placed by scammers come with a twist: you have to pay and then, there’s no job.

(Paying Your Car Loan) Isn't the car yours after you receive it?

Until you've paid the lender back, you don't legally own the car. And if you stop making payments, the car could be repossessed.