Fable: The Two Rabbit's

By Sutton Cotsworth

Second Paragraph

A few years passed and the two rabbits stayed the same. One poor and kind, the other wealthy and selfish. One day a fox went to the rich rabbit’s house and bragged that he was richer that the rabbit. The rabbit, outraged, argued that that was not true and he himself was wealthier. So the fox declared that they should have a contest, and whoever one would be the richest person in the whole world. “But not to worry, for you shall lose!’ the fox shouted as he pounced off. The next day the rabbit showed of his “treasure room” to the fox. He was so absorbed in showing of all of the gold and valuables he had, he didn’t hear the vault shut and lock. Only when the fox jumped on the rabbit did he realize he has been ticked by the sly fox. When the fox finally left, the rabbit had nothing left in his entire mansion. So, he wandered that streets now a poor rabbit, and the only person kind enough to give him a place to stay was the poor rabbit. Who remembered him and said, “See, you should have taken better care of your belongings.”
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Picture 2:

This is what the wealthy rabbit would look like if he was real.

The Moral:

The moral of The Two Rabbits is to be kind and gracious, don't brag, and not to trust everyone.