Lots Of Technology

Writing Into Technology

This week in writing we spent time continuing to stretch and write our sounds in words we are trying to write. Our goal right now is to be able to hear and write the beginning sounds in words. The kiddos are doing an awesome job so far of being able to isolate that beginning sound, and many are hearing the ending sound as well. We read a book called A Color of His Own this week. We worked on writing predictions for where the chameleon would land when he was blown off the leaf. We also wrote where we would land if we were the chameleon. Then at the end of the week, we took our writing piece and used an app called 30 Hands, and drew our pictures on the iPad and recorded our voices and turned them into QR codes. I have made a class book with our IPAD drawings and qr codes so each family can listen to each child read their drawing. I hope you enjoyed their writing that came home with the chameleons. The kids worked very hard this week in writing!


During intervention time on Friday, the kids got to use the IPADS to practice handwriting. They practiced the letters and sounds while they practiced the formation of the letters. They kids were so excited to have a chance to work on them. We will be learning many different sight words games etc to use during our word work round of Daily 5.

A Few Examples

The kids were excited to see their drawings on the smart board!

Small Groups

I have begun meeting with small reading/writing groups during our daily five. We began with a simple sight word practice with our reading/writing notebooks just to get the feel of coming to the round table and working with me in a small group. We will begin a steady schedule of students coming daily or every other day to get small group reading instruction based on where they are in reading and writing. These groups will change frequently as they make progress and move into other groups with similar needs.


Here are a few of the kids working on their chameleon writing.

Intruder Drill

Tuesday we had an intruder drill. I explained to the kids how we were going to be very quiet with our door locked and lights off in a safe place in our room and were basically playing the quiet game. No one was scared or crying and once the police officers opened our doors we all said cheese for a picture!
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We worked with the story A Color Of His Own in many different ways this week. We practiced retelling a story using the beginning, middle and end. We learned its important to tell the story in that order so we can remember its parts. We also discussed the characters, setting, problem and solution. We will continue with these story elements for a while. Next week we are going to begin nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

Leader In Me

This week some kids were recognized over the announcements for being leaders in our school. A few of our own kiddos were recognized for "Think Win Win." They got to go to the office for a picture with the principals and other students who were being recognized. This was also shown on our Castlio Facebook page.
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This week we worked with numbers 5-9. We practiced using a five frame to show the number and its extras. We used counters to practice this concept of the top row being full shows 5, then we move to the bottom frame to add the extras.
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