Well Wages for Woman

Lowell Mill and Francis C. Lowell

Francis C. who? Francis C. Lowell

Francis Cabot Lowell was born in 1775. Lowell was a part of the Boston Brahmin Family. He was a businessman that created one of the most revolutionary systems of the United States. When Lowell created Lowell Mills he compared all of the ideas that multiple businessmen had and implemented the ones he thought would work best to improve business.
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Under one roof?

When Francis C. Lowell was 36 years old, he traveled to Europe and was interested by all of the advanced machinery.So when he returned he created his own mill in the United States. Properly named Lowell Mill. Lowell Mill was the first factory system where every step of cloth making was under one roof. The mill was established in 1814. Instead of having slaves pick cotton, separate the seeds, making yarn and string then make the cloth by hand, which was physically straining and took a very long time, Lowell Mill did everything except picking the cotton. The mill was powered by a water wheel. There were also actual people working to make sure everything would run smoothly. Usually most women would just work on the farm at home. This mill had only female workers.

Wait, Women!

Most businesses hire men. The women usually work on the farms back home. Francis C. Lowell supplied well paying jobs and, housing in the city for the female workers. The ages ranged from 15 to 30 year old women. The workers would live in a boarding house of generally 25 women per house. Sometimes 6 ladies would share a room. They had a curfew that was 10 pm and men would most likely not be aloud in. The Lowell Mill Girls were expected to have morals and attend church on Sundays.
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My information was from the textbook, Lowell.com, PBS.org, and inventor.about.com.

By: Jessa Wood