Wall sticker

Wall sticker

Wall Sticker Decorations Without Painting Or Wall Papering

Applying wall stickers or appliques is an affordable and creative way to decorate a wall without making the permanent changes of painting or wall papering. They're typically made of an easy-to-remove vinyl adhesive. Wall stickers range in design from colorful shapes, to intricate silhouettes and lifelike images of birds in flight. You can use small wall stickers to add eye-catching detail to a room or full-scale stickers that can turn a wall into a towering forest.


Celebrate the seasons with wall stickers of a cherry blossom tree or branch in full bloom. Create a wall of vibrant spring flowers with blue birds soaring above. Bring in the summer with palm trees and a horizon of ocean waves around a window or a silhouette of children on a tree swing. In fall, frame a room with crisp brown, gold and red leaves just about to fall from branches and stickers featuring an autumn harvest like a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables on a wall near a table. Use stickers of snowmen, snowflakes and the warm glow of a lit candle to make a room cozy in winter.

Victorian Decor

If you live in a Victorian home or would like to feel as though you do, wall stickers can help transform an ordinary interior into an ornate Victorian parlor. Apply candelabras near tables or stick them on a wall in a straight row at about eye level to look as though they are mounted. Apply a life-sized hanging chandelier in a bold color like gold or silver against a dining room wall. If you have high ceilings, place a sticker of a street light hanging from an iron hook above eye level.

Children's Wall Stickers

Use children's wall stickers to turn a playroom or bedroom into a page from a storybook. Place hot air balloons near the windows and a friendly owl sitting on a branch near their play area. Line all four walls with a train, space ships and planets or a princess castle and cupcake fairyland. Create miniature worlds to stimulate their imaginations and invite them to help you apply the stickers. Add a few small holiday-themed stickers or balloons around their birthday.


From monkeys and elephants, to giraffes, panda bears and lions, turn a wall into a collage of your favorite animals. Use stickers of tall grass and vines to create a jungle world. Make a barnyard scene in a child's playroom with cows and chickens or a pony roaming through a child's play corner.

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