saving energy

it's important to save energy because it help's the world

Its important to save energy because it will help us well keep getting energy it not only does that but it helps the environment because we dont have to screw up the grond and then screw up the air just to turn on a TV anymore and it makes an easer way to get energy instead of spending all day in the coal mine

Saving Energy at Home

There are some small things you can do to save energy at home like turning off the lights when not using them and things like that. But there are some other ways like adding solar panels to the top of the house to take care of the light bulbs. Or maybe we could even make a chimney into biomass energy to get a little more power. That could probably (if you use the chimney a lot) could take care of a lot of small things witch would reserve more fuels. It would work by putting two tanks of water near the fire / above it wait till it boils and gets extremely hot then have pipes send it where it needs to be and then the stem turns small turbines that make electricity witch powers small objects.

Saving Energy in the Community

In the community there are many ideas I have come up with one is that we put an generator on all the weels of a car. It could send the energy gathered into a battery that runs when the gas is out witch means less time getting gas and that means less gas being got. It will work for as long as you will drive.

Saving energy at school

the car idea would still work here because we could just do the same thing to a bus and we could also add solar panels. But I got another idea and its that we add solar panels to the laptops it may only add a bit of electricity but it will provide less of a need to charge normally. Teachers are always trying to find an excuse to go outside anyway so it works out great and if there is less charging from the out lite that means your saving energy.