Spelman College

Trolio, Patrice

Mission of Spelman

The mission is to prepare yong women to change the world. Spelman also empowers women to excel intellectually, think creatively, serve wholeheartedly, act globally and lead boldly. Basically, we are motivating and teaching young women to lead the society with their great education and with a great mindset.

The Great Sororities & Fraternities

Role of this HBCU

This plays a role in the society, especially the female African American Society. They educate young women to become stronger and more above the influence of hatred and igorance. They want these young females to excel and have a great impact. HBCU's all have an effect on African Americans as a whole.

Meet Spelman SGRho (Exceptional Epsilon Eta) SPR2012 Neos - OFFICIAL

Fields of Study and Athletics

African Disapora and the World


Art and Art History


Chemestry and Biochemestry

Child Development

Women's studies

Computer and Science



Enviornmental Science



Religious Studies



World Languages

Political Science




Japan Studies

International Studies

Independent major

& Human Services are all fields of study in this college.

As far as Athletics goes, they have everyone be a part of physical training to maintain a healthy body and make sure their well being is in the right place. You have to do two semester courses. Luckily you dont have to do all. This college cares about your health and doesn't want heart conditions and obesity to take over the population.


Address: 350 Spelman Ln SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Phone:(404) 681-3643 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (404) 681-3643 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Transit: W End Ave @ Lee St