February 9, 2016

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Parent Conferences

Thank you all for taking the time to thoughtfully communicate to parents how their children are doing; celebrating their successes and highlighting their stretches as goals to work toward. Please return your sign in sheet to Kate when complete.

About IRS Form 1095

For additional information regarding the various 1095 forms, please visit this IRS website: https://www.irs.gov/Affordable-Care-Act/Questions-and-Answers-about-Health-Care-Information-Forms-for-Individuals.

Employee information: Tax Exemption

There are 2 ways for an employee to continue to claim an exemption from federal and state withholding:

    1. Enter the exemption via the web through the At Your Service Online website (https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu). The deadline for entering information via the web is 5PM on February 14, 2016.


    1. Obtain a UC W-4 form (http://www.ucop.edu/financial-accounting/_files/ucw4-de4.pdf) from your department. Complete and return the form to your department no later than February 15, 2016 (at dept’s discretion, this date may be changed to an earlier date that will allow the department to update employees’ EDB record by the 02-15-13, 6pm deadline).

Enroll in Bruin MindFit

A 12-week, hands-on mindful movement and meditation course that teaches several effective stress-management tools. Practice meditation, breathing (pranayama), basic yoga movement, relaxation, walking, and everyday mindfulness. Participants are chosen via a lottery drawing of applications. Applications due January 13. Program runs February 1 through April 22. For days, times, and more information, check www.recreation.ucla.edu/bruinmindfit.

Are you ready to MOVE and GROOVE?!

http://www.active.com/los-angeles-ca/running/distance-running-races/ucla-true-bruin-move-and-groove-5k-2016?int=> Registration is now OPEN for the 2016 True Bruin Move and Groove 5k! Along with the Healthy Campus Initiative and our campus partners, Staff Assembly is hosting the 3rd Annual True Bruin Move and Groove 5K on Sunday, March 6, 2016 on the UCLA campus.

10 Days left for EARLY BIRD <http://www.active.com/los-angeles-ca/running/distance-running-races/ucla-true-bruin-move-and-groove-5k-2016?int=> pricing of $25 (until 2/14)
Regular registration price will be $35 thru Feb 25th

Late registration will begin Feb 25 thru the day of the race for $35

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Faculty Meeting: ESRs

Wednesday, February 10th in Room 2, 3:30-5:00. Please bring your laptops.

Snacks: Admin/Specialists/CST

Calm Classroom for ALL

In the spirit of bringing mindful awareness and focus to our staff using Calm Classroom techniques, we will be holding daily "Calm" practices in different locations throughout the week. These will take only five minutes, and times and locations will rotate to ensure that even the busiest staff members can join in. We will have a "kickoff" practice in Apu's Garden this Thursday at 10:00 a.m., and will email staff a schedule of regular Monday-Friday times and locations.

Family Read Aloud Kick Off Assembly

Friday, Feb. 12, 8:15 on the blacktop

Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, February 17th in Room 2, 3:30-5:00.

Snacks: EC


Opal School

Being demonstration teachers at UCLA Lab School, sometimes we feel like we are the only teachers who are continually put under the microscope. That is why many teachers at UCLA Lab School enjoy visiting other schools to observe teaching and learning, to see connections and be inspired by educators and researchers.

A few weeks ago, Christopher Wilson, Rosangela Viera, Monica Acosta and Noelani Morris attended a three-day professional development during Opal School's Visitation Days in Portland, Oregon, entitled "Investigating the Conditions that Support Playful Inquiry."

Over the course of the three days, they:

  • toured the site, located inside the Portland Children's Museum
  • explored the school's Reggio-inspired classroom environments
  • met educators from all over North America
  • took note of the effective, purposeful and plentiful documentation of student learning and teacher research
  • observed in classrooms while students were learning
  • debriefed with Opal School teachers about their teaching
  • reflected on ways to incorporate playful inquiry into our work at UCLA Lab School

It was an in-depth look at a school, similar to ours, with strong beliefs in how children learn. Part of the power of this trip was the reflecting it provided the teachers on their own practice and beliefs. As Monica said in her notes, "The student is at the center of what we do, they come with many ideas, creativities and abilities to share. Their heart is so important to their learning. If they are loved, respected and truly cared for, the potential is limitless. Only good things will happen when space and time are freely given."

Look for their compiled notes, resources, and photographs from the trip to be shared with faculty and staff on the Google Drive. They will share after parent conferences are completed.


Wilshire Park Elementary on February 4th

On February 4, we enjoyed a visit from Wilshire Park Elementary's Principal (a UCLA Lab School alumna) and six of their teachers. They visited classrooms and Norma led them through a overview of our school and Safe School philosophy. They are ready and eager to bring Safe School to their community, as well as our beginning with the introduction of Calm Classroom. Thank you for everyone for continuing to make Outreach visible and successful!

February 26th: Watts Learning Center Visit (schedule to come)

We are looking forward to hosting an Outreach visit with the Watts Learning Center on Friday, February 26th. We will mail the schedule later this week to teaching teams who have offered classes for observations. Questions the visiting teachers and administrators are pondering prior to their visit:

1. How do you create a positive and supportive learning environment in your classroom?

A. What activities are used to create a reading culture school wide? What activities are in place that increase students' love of reading?

2. Children come to your classroom with varying needs and abilities. How do you plan your instruction in a way to ensure that every child gets what they need in order to advance their learning?

A. What supports/activities do students with low SES receive in your school environment? Are they the same as for the general school population? If not, how are they different?

B. What kind of strategies are being used with students who are academically behind three or more grades?

C. How do you support English Learners?

3. Children come to school with varying kinds of experiences and some come with traumatic experiences. How do you address the traumatic experiences students may have had or are having outside of school?

Primary Sources

On January 26th, Chris, Judith and Sylvia led a day of Primary Sources. Here are some thoughts shared by participants illustrating the value in the work done:

"I observed the 'hand-on' aspect for the students and the 'hands-off' aspect for the teachers. I will definitely encourage more student to student interaction."

"I loved being able to see a visual thinking tool used in multiple ways and across grades and subject areas. Seeing tools in action is valuable."

"I loved the stations used, the critiquing of documents and prompting for deep thinking."

"I will look at what I bring to the classroom through the lens of primary sources, so as to encourage critical thinking.


We Couldn't Have Said It Better by Nick Kello (minus the bolded phrase)

Just a quick message to say thank you for all of your support in making the UNESCO event a success last night. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of the teachers in EC-Upper classrooms who were flexible with students missing valuable instructional time over the past couple of weeks.

A very warm and special thank you to Hasmik, Kelly, Joyce and Elena for their tremendous work in entertaining and managing the students and in coordinating pick up and drop off at Skriball Cultural Center. In the brief moments that I was able to make it up to the Green Room, I was deeply moved by how comfortable, relaxed and well tended-to the children were. A very warm thank you as well to Mayra and the students in room 11/12 for making such a wonderful gift for Director General Irina Bokova; and to NICK KELLO for his absolutely tireless work in arranging the beautiful prologue, writing introductions, practicing with students, conducting and performing truly inspirational!!!

And finally, a big thank you to Norma, Sanam, Sandra and GSE&IS for making this extraordinary opportunity available for our students; this chance to be part of such a special occasion, celebrating an organization which, over the last seven decades, has stood as a beacon of peace and understanding in a world too often mired in strife and prejudice. We got big put ups from Mayor Garcetti and Director General Bokova!

I feel grateful to be part of such a wonderful community,

Middle School Phone Calls, Recommendations, Parent Meetings Applications

Tis the season. Thank you to our fearless Middle School Coordinator (aka Mr. North) for clocking in the hours as he tirelessly goes to bat for each of our Upper II students and some of our Upper I students who are venturing off into the vast jungle none as Middle School. Who can go wrong with a dugout comprised of the Upper teaching team and Norma Silva up to bat.

To access vimeo: password: urlife

Jack Giarraputo, Ace and Duke's father, created a wonderful celebration of Fit Day. Watch and enjoy.


Kristin Artim

Kristin moved a lot as a child, attending five elementary schools and two high schools. She has lived in Missouri, Virginia, New York and California and has taught in three of these states. Growing up, she loved acting and cheerleading. She performed on stage until graduating from college and even coached cheerleading at the high school she attended! She continues to love learning and has received two master's degrees, National Board certification, and now has a doctorate in education from UCLA. Yes, she graduated with a doctorate when her son was only 3 months old! (Don't ask her how she survived on 3-4 hours of sleep during that time!) Some call her adventurous, but she sees herself as just loving the outdoors. She's gone skydiving, whitewater rafting, SCUBA diving, waterskiing, wake boarding, rappelling down a waterfall, backpacking, and hiking. Kristin started running with her father when she was ten and remained an avid, long-distance runner until life and age caught up with her. She has two bearded dragons, Scrat and Pirate. Kristin and her sister are extremely close and are sometimes mistaken as twins. Kristin met her husband, Alan, eight years ago through her sister. They ended up having their first date in London! Considering how much Alan and Kristin enjoy the outdoors, Alan proposed in Zion National Park and they later chose to marry on the same day as their first date. They now have a son, Archer (10-1/2 months). He was named after the TV show since Alan and Kristin both love comedy. Archer is keeping them busy as he is starting to take his first steps! Kristin is loving this new chapter of her life as a mother.


President : Presidente

Presidents Day is this Monday.

Día de los presidentes es de este lunes.

Coming and Goings

Theresa Flores

Mr. Kello's music teacher assistant has moved on from UCLA Lab School. We wish her well in her new endeavors.


Together In Education In Neighborhood Schools (TIE-INS) program.

Launched in 2009, TIE-INS enables children of UCLA employees to attend four public schools near our campus: Nora Sterry Elementary School, Brockton Elementary School, Emerson Middle School and University High School. The interest in TIE-INS has been very strong, with 218 children of UCLA faculty and staff participating in the program.

As you consider 2016–17 school options for your children, I encourage you to consider the TIE-INS program. Applications will be available in the beginning of February on the TIE-INS website, which also provides detailed information about the participating schools and upcoming events such as parent meetings and campus tours.

Please take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about the TIE-INS schools before the April 1, 2016, application deadline. All UCLA academic appointees and career (non-probationary) staff at any classification level are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to kindergartners and first-graders (and their elementary school-aged siblings), and acceptance will be based on priorities established by deans and vice chancellors.

Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most

Study of more than 7,000 students in 77 elementary schools found that one program greatly benefited the mental health of sixth-graders who experienced the most bullying.

Questions... Comments... Put Ups...

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, celebrations, at our Newsletter email: admin@labschool.ucla.edu.